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David Nawrath – Atlas #TFF36

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It’s never too late to stop surviving and start living.

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PODCAST| Chiara Nicoletti interviews David Nawrath, director of the film Atlas.

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FRED’s Chiara Nicoletti meets David Nawrath, at the 36th Torino Film Festival to present Atlas in competition. With Atlas Nawrath focuses on a 60-year old man who has clearly decided not to live his life but survive it every day. The chance of getting his life back arrives and the way Nawrath depicts it is neither conventional nor predictable. The director then also confirms that the film could be defined as a person’s attempt at regaining fatherhood.

Atlas: Walter is a sixty-year-old mover for forced evictions. He is the best and most loyal hauler that Walter’s boss Roland Grone employs at his house moving company. Grone is planning a risky real estate deal that involves money laundering for a notorious family clan. The tenants of an inner-city apartment building are supposed to be evicted and the house re-sold with a huge profit. However, one remaining tenant refuses to leave his home. Since then something will change and Walter will have to confront not only his crooked boss but also his own past.



  • Reporter
    Chiara Nicoletti
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    David Nawrath
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    Torino 36
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