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Director Damjan Kozole talks about his film “Nightlife” #KVIFF2016

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Inspired by a horrific true story.

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9 min. and 32 sec.

PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews Damjan Kozole, director of Nightlife from the 51st Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

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The story of Nightlife, which had its world premiere at the 51st Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, is inspired by the horrific accounts of a piece of news that was popular nationwide in Slovenia, involving a man found a bloody mess and nearly lifeless on the side of the street, with a huge dildo beside him. Implications of bestiality soon followed. But the film is not about that, at least not necessarily and anyways not in a judgemental way. It is more of a social study.

Director Damjan Kozole, whom we interviewed, talks about this and also about his wish to allow the viewers to come up with their own conclusions. In addition, we also discuss the certain responsibilities required in a film which, despite being inspired rather than based on the aforementioned true story, is still familiar. He replies that he also views this film as a way of rehabilitating the memory of the “poor doctor,” as he defines him, and mentions a source of inspiration in the form of the irresponsible behaviour of the media, particularly in these modern times of social media prominence. These are only a few of the topics of the interview on Nightlife and beyond.

NIGHTLIFE: The lives of a wealthy married couple radically change in an instant. While the husband is in critical condition after an accident that occurred under strange circumstances, the wife tries to understand the situation and to salvage what she can… In this constricted, small-scale drama by a renowned Slovenian filmmaker, Pia Zemljic excels in the role of the resourceful wife.

  • Reporter
    Matt Micucci
  • Guest
    Damjan Kozole
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Nightlife (Nocno zivljenje)
  • Festival section
    Official Competition
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