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Director Dariusz Gajewski talks about “Strange Heaven” #febiofest

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It’s not enough to have the best intentions in mind.

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PODCAST: FRED’s Matt Micucci interviews Dariusz Gajewski, director of the film Strange Heaven from the 2016 Febiofest Prague International Film Festival

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Is it enough to have the best intentions in mind to do good. This is something Dariusz Gajewski examines in his latest feature Strange Heaven. Here, the story of a Polish family living in Sweden and seeing her child being taken away by social services seems to hence represent something more.

Gajewski talks about the contrast in culture between Poland and Sweden and three different languages in the film – Swedish, Polish and English. On top of this, we ask him about how he worked with the young actress who plays the important role of the child in the film, and where Strange Heaven will be screening in the near future as well as why he thinks it should particularly be screened in Europe.

STRANGE HEAVEN: The family drama about cultural dialogues, or, more specifically, about cultural differences, is inspired by true events when Polish children in Scandinavia were removed from their families and placed in foster care. Not succumbing to a black-and-white interpretation, the film sensitively ponders the consequences of people acting with best intentions. A Polish family with a seven-year-old daughter lives in a small town in northern Sweden, looking for peace and prosperity. After a series of misunderstandings, the child is taken away by Swedish social services, and the parents have a month to get the girl back before she’s permanently adopted.

Obce Niebo / Strange Heaven 2015 TRAILER from Kuba Kosma on Vimeo.

  • Reporter
    Matt Micucci
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    Dariusz Gajewski
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  • Film title
    Strange Heaven
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    World Cinema Panorama
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