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Nicolas Winding Refn – Dawn Of The Dead #Venezia73

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5 min. and 16 sec.

The danish director presents the european cut of this 1978 horror classic.

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5 min. and 16 sec.

PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews director Nicolas Winding Refn, who talks about the European Cut of Dawn of the Dead from the 73rd Venice Film Festival.

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DAWN OF THE DEAD. 1978: the Apocalypse has suddenly struck the world. For some unknown reason, the bodies of the recently dead have begun to reanimate themselves have aggressive and cannibalistic instincts. A mixed group of people escape in a helicopter find and refuge in a large shopping center near to Pittsburg which, after having eliminated all the living dead there, they transform into a kind of new Eden where they try to create a semblance of normal life. The threat of the zombies is added to by a band of ferocious motor-powered looters who take whatever they can find, killing and shooting as they do so. In order to survive there is no other choice that to fight and kill, so as not to lose what they have so laboriously achieved…

  • Reporter
    Matt Micucci
  • Guest
    Nicolas Winding Refn
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Dawn Of The Dead
  • Festival section
    Venice Classics
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