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Director Triin Ruumet talks about “The Days That Confused” #KVIFF2016

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Not your typical FRED interview…

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PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews Triin Ruumet, director of The Days That Confused from the 51st Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

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What’s the best part of filmmaking? To Triin Ruumet, 28, who presented her feature debut The Days That Confused at Karlovy Vary this year, it is being in the sauna with the people you love, who are making a film with you. The answer is so down to earth, it is almost disarming. But that is Triin quite simply. She will not abide the conventional laws of interviews at an international film festival. In fact, at the end of the interview, she bursts spontaneously into a song; possibly the best outro to a FRED Film Radio interview.

Regarding the film, she is as straight to the point. “It’s a film about a guy who wakes up, gets drunk, goes fu**ing, fu**s with the wrong people…” And what bout the mistreatment of women in this film? “I’m not a feminist,” she quickly replies. “I actually like people opening the door for me.” Fair enough. There’s is little more to say to describe this interview with words. Might as well click the button and hear how refreshing and punk it is. Only be warned – this is NOT one for the easily offended.

THE DAYS THAT CONFUSED: Allar, 27, and his friends spend their lives in their Estonian small town goofing off, getting drunk, and driving as if there’s no tomorrow. When one of their outings ends in an accident, Allar begins to reflect on his life. The quest to find meaning, however, is full of twists and turns… With the help of bold music and visuals, the debuting Estonian director takes the viewer on a dynamic ride through the wild nineties, while also following the struggles of a searching mind.

Teaser – The Days That Confused from Kinosaurus Film on Vimeo.

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