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Dominik Locher – Goliath #Locarno70

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Getting ready to be a father by injecting steroids and through excessive power training: not a good idea

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8 min. and 34 sec.

PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews Dominik Locher, director of the film Goliath.

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Director Dominik Locher presented his feature film Goliath in the international competition of the 70th Locarno Festival, a film about a young man, soon-to-be a father, developing an addiction to injecting steroids and excessive power training. In this interview he talks about his tackling this sort of addiction; the exploration of the theme of male vulnerability; his actors Sven Schelker and Jasna Fritzi Bauer (who play the central couple of Goliath), and more. Given his personal connection to the Locarno Festival, not only as a Swiss filmmaker, we also ask him to tell us what film he considers to have been the most important of his life (in reference to this year’s edition #movieofmylife initiative): he tells us one title, than another, then a few more, etc.

Goliath: gentle gestures, passionate gazes: separated from the rest of the world, David and Jessy live in a simple two-room apartment in the suburbs. Their love is put to the test when Jessy unintentionally gets pregnant. The thought of becoming a father causes David to panic. When, a few days later, they are attacked in the suburban train and David is unable to protect his girlfriend, David’s fear of not being man enough is confirmed. In desperation, he starts to inject anabolic steroids and gets into excessive power training. His newly acquired muscles initially help him to feel strong and confident. But the effect of the steroids soon turns negative. David develops aggressive and unpredictable traits and becomes a threat to his girlfriend and the unborn child…

For the official page of the film on the festival website, click here.


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    Matt Micucci
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    Dominik Locher
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    International Competition
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