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Edgar Pera #IFFR2019

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IFFR’s tribute to one of world cinema’s most unpredictable voices.

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19 min. and 23 sec.

PODCAST| Matt Micucci interviews filmmaker Edgar Pera.

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An interview with Portuguese filmmaker Edgar Pera from the 2019 International Film Festival Rotterdam. The festival had a retrospective of his film work, describing it on their official website as “an overdue tribute to one of world cinema’s most unpredictable voices.” In our interview we talk about many aspects of his work, beginning with the first moment he remembers picking up a camera and how that experience shaped the vast creative output that followed it. He also mentions that when he works, sound (or “the unseen,” as he calls it) comes before the vision, and discusses the way in which his use of technology has evolved over the years, as well as the many tools he has used and uses to this day, including his interest in 3D filmmaking and VR. Reflecting on his retrospective – or “retro-future-spective,” as he calls it – Pera also considers how other re-evaluate his work and how he himself re-evaluates it. Besides the retrospective, he also describes the live cinema, cine-concert project he also did this year in Rotterdam, and we end by asking him in what ways, if any, an audience may also disappoint him. “I don’t think filmmakers today are better or worse,” he says. “I think spectators are worse.”


  • Reporter
    Matt Micucci
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    Edgar Pera
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    Deep Focus
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