Edoardo Nunes, Bárbara Luz – Unicórnio #Berlinale2018

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Chasing unicorns, father figures, poetry and possibly God: Unicórnio – not your average coming of age.

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8 min. and 37 sec.

PODCAST| Mario Galasso interviews Edoardo Nunes and Bárbara Luz, director and actress of the film Unicórnio.

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Eduardo Nunes, young filmaker from Brazil, talks about his cinematic visions and literary obsessions while discussing his mysterious and immaginative coming of age drama, Unicórnio. FRED Film Radio met him during the 68th Berlinale Film Festival, where Eduardo’s feature was selected inside the Festival section Generation 14 plus. Bárbara Luz, teenage actress extraordinaire and gorgeous lead character, joined us too.

Unicórnio:  In an exhilarating, immersive flood of images, this mysterious drama portrays the coming of age of 13-year-old Maria, who lives in a remote rural home alone with her mother. When a young man moves into the neighbourhood with his goat herd, her life is suddenly turned upside down. As secret wishes and fears stir within Maria, she anxiously realizes that her mother seems to have gained a fresh lease on life. Maria confides only in her father, whom she visits in a somewhat surreal sanatorium. Why is he there? And why does he say that God is evil? Maria decides to take a drastic step. With its captivating visual opulence and the fairytale-like poetry of its narrative style, the film creates a space which inspires imagination and self-reflection.

  • Reporter
    Mario Galasso
  • Guest
    Edoardo Nunes / Bárbara Luz
  • Interviewee role
    Director / Actress
  • Film title
  • Festival section
    Generation 14plus
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