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16 min. and 53 sec.

A vibrant and carefree German-Persian nurse finds her world permanently shifted when she becomes the victim of a xenophobic attack, in Eline Gehring’s sensitive debut drama.

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16 min. and 53 sec.

PODCAST| Cristiana Palmieri interviews Eline Gehring, director and screenwriter of the film Nico.

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Director and screenwriter Eline Gehring talks about her debut feature Nico, explaining how the idea of the film came about during her time at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin where she met fellow students Francy Fabritz and Sara Fazilat who co-wrote the script.

Nico: Nico is breezing through an idyllic Berlin summer, spending her days bantering with her geriatric patients and partying with best friend Rosa. But her easy-going attitude is shattered when she experiences a violent hate crime. Director Eline Gehring’s sensitive debut delicately navigates the intricacies of trauma as Nico’s former relationships decline. Nico begins seeking comfort in a rigorous karate class, and a budding romance with a pretty carnival worker. Sara Fazilat, who also co-writes, gives a dynamic performance in the titular role, fully embodying a woman fighting for strength in a hostile society.

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  • Reporter
    Cristiana Palmieri
  • Guest
    Eline Gehring
  • Interviewee role
    Director and screenwriter
  • Film title
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    Europe! Voices of women in film
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