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Ellen Pompeo – Grey’s Anatomy #TaoFF61

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Ellen Pompeo presents Grey’s Anatomy Season 12

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Ellen Pompeo – actress – Grey’s Anatomy

Ellen Pompeo delivered one of the masterclasses at the Taormina Film Festival the same day when she received one of the Tao Awards. She agreed an interview with FRED inbetween.

The well-known star of Shonda Rhimes’ Grey’s Anatomy faces the new season of the TV show not knowing whether she’ll continue this already 12-season-long love story. “I live in the present”, she said during her masterclass, but she also said that Rhimes “feels inspired” to continue the show, which will see Patrick Dempsey (Derek)’s exit this season.

She also told us about her philanthropy and said why she hasn’t taken part in any fiction movie after Grey’s Anatomy kicked off.

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    Gonzalo Suárez
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    Ellen Pompeo
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    Grey's Anatomy
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