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Emily Mortimer – Riviera International Film Festival 2023

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At Riviera International Film Festival 2023 actress Emily Mortimer talk about the importance of failures in her career.

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9 min. and 43 sec.

PODCAST | Giulia Bianconi interviews Emily Mortimer, jury president of the Riviera International Film Festival 2023.

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At Riviera International Film Festival 2023 actress, director, scriptwriter and producer Emily Mortimer talks about her role as jury president, the importance of the failures in her career, her new projects and her point of view about Woody Allen affair

Emily Mortimer about the importance of failing: “Alive in the arts, but particularly in film as an actor, writer, director or producer. Anything is very difficult and it’s mainly going to consist of things not working and making a movie is the processes pretty much impossible. Getting the money to make the movie is pretty much impossible. The chances of making a good film are pretty impossible. The chances of that film, even if it’s good, being seen by anybody are very slim. It’s a crazy thing to do with your life. It’s more hope than expectation. But it’s all these reasons, I think a really beautiful thing to do, because everybody that’s here at this festival, everybody that puts their life into this kind of storytelling really believes in it and has at some point in their lives been really affected by a movie or television show or whatever that someone else has made. And I just find this kind of the beauty in this kind of everybody getting together to make things and nobody knowing the outcome. And it’s really in the face of so much adversity, yet people’s passions persists. And sometimes something magical happens and that’s what you hope and pray for but in the meantime, you go on an amazing journey with a lot of people who have light mines, and you probably fail but you fail nobly and beautifully”.

  • Reporter
    Giulia Bianconi
  • Guest
    Jury president
  • Interviewee role
    Actress, director, scriptwriter, producer
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