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Enrico Pigliacampo – Live Text Access #Venezia76

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This project for social inclusion, fostered by the European Union and the ERASMUS+ programme.

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9 min. and 33 sec.

PODCAST | Annalisa Sandrelli interviews Enrico Pigliacampo about the Live Text Access (LTA), project for real-time subtitling through respeaking and velotiping.

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Enrico Pigliacampo talks about Live Text Access (LTA), project co-funded by the ERASMUS+ programme of the EU. LTA is a strategic partnership addressing inclusion and innovation in higher education with a focus on three European priorities: development of curricula to meet labour market and societal needs, open education in the digital era and social inclusion.

Purpose of this project to train velotipest and re-speakers through the creation of open-source teaching materials available to all, which will be possible to consult directly from internet. Enrico tells us what is meant by respeakers and velotiper and what they foresee their work in particular.

The project has a balanced participation of three universities SDI, UAB and SSML, two accessibility service providers Sub-Ti Access and Velotype, one production company ZDF Digital, one certification association ECQA and one end user associations EFHOH.

For more information about Live Text Access (LTA) project, click here.

  • Reporter
    Annalisa Sandrelli
  • Guest
    Enrico Pigliacampo
  • Interviewee role
    member of Sub-Ti Access
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