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Eric Matti – BuyBust #NYAFF2018

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BuyBust world premier at the closing night of New York Asian Film Festival 2018.

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PODCAST | Samantha Sartori interviews Eric Matti, director of the film BuyBust.

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BuyBust by Eric Matti was selected for the closing night of the New York Asian Film Festival 2018. With a selection of over 50 movies from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, it is the most comprensive festival of Asian movies in New York City. At the world premiere of BuyBust, we had the pleasure to meet the director Eric Matti and talked about how he got the idea to write a movie set in the most dangerous place in Manila and how he worked with the stuntmen and actors to create this dystopian movie about a one-night operation of an anti-narcotics squad. We then talked about some technical aspects of the movie, like the impressive sound editing and the rich and striking soundtrack which includes traditional instruments, classical music, heavy metal and much more. The movie will premier in the Philippines July 23rd and will open in theaters August 1st. The movie has already a distributor for the United States and Canada and will open August 10th.

BuyBust: After two decades making erotica, fantasy, horror, thrillers and a superhero comedy, Erik Matti directs his first all-out action film. And it’s relentless, featuring 309 stuntmen, 1,278 extras, and a wildly ambitious three-minute, one-cut action scene in which superstar Anne Curtis fights back hordes of thugs across rain-drenched rooftops. Curtis stars as Nina, a rookie police officer on a doomed buy-bust operation with an elite anti-narcotic squad. Matching The Raid and The Villainess in scope and body count, the director of On the Job and Honor Thy Father also takes a sharp knife to contemporary political realities in the Philippines.

To discover more about the film, click here.

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