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Eva Vitija, Alina Grigore, Tea Lindeburg #SydFilmFest

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46 min. and 27 sec.

Since 2016, more than 60 female filmmakersfrom Europe have seen their celluloid dreams dance across Sydney’s silver – and digital –screens thanks to a key Sydney Film Festival program strand. Europe! Voices of Women in Film shares exceptional features with an audience and city that mightn’t get the pleasure of seeing them otherwise. It champions women-directed films, celebrates the talents behind them, and tackles cinema’s gender inequality in the most powerful way it can: by connecting movies with viewers.

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46 min. and 27 sec.

PODCAST | Cristiana Palmieri interviews Eva VitijaAlina Grigore, and Tea Lindeburg, respectively directors and screenwriters of the films Loving Highsmith, Blue moon and As in heaven.

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Following the very engaging panel discussion “Women in film” at the Sydney Film Festival Hub, FRED interviewed the three panellists, Eva Vitija, Alina Grigore and Tea Lindeburg, directors and screenwriters of, respectively, Loving Highsmith, Blue Moon and As in heaven. The three filmmakers explore and discuss themes emerging in their works, including gender equity in filmmaking, the role of education in making women pursue their dreams, portraying male characters from a female perspective, and much more.

Eva, Alina and Tea talk about their films presented at the festival and the strong female characters they have depicted: Texan novelist Patricia Highsmith in Loving Highsmith, 22-year-old Irina trapped in her countryside Romanian life in Blue Moon, and teenager Lise in 19th century countryside Denmark who aspires to go to boarding school in As in heaven.

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  • Reporter
    Cristiana Palmieri
  • Guest
    Eva Vitija, Alina Grigore, Tea Lindeburg
  • Interviewee role
    Director and screenwriter
  • Film title
    Loving Highsmith, Blue moon, As in heaven
  • Festival section
    Europe! Voices of women in film
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