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Ewa Bukowska – 53 Wars #TFF36

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An astounding first feature on the consequences of war. An original point of view for a strong and intense film, beautiful and painful.

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8 min. and 8 sec.

PODCAST| Angelo Acerbi interviews Ewa Bukowska, director of the film 53 Wars.

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Ewa Bukowska talks about her first feature film 53 Wars, and about her interest in sufferance that comes from wars to the people that are involved. She chooses a different narrative approach, telling the story of a woman married to a war correspondent who does not manage the situation anymore and slowly slides into mental disorder.

53 Wars: When Anka and Witek decide to have a baby, she gives up her career as a journalist while he continues his as a war correspondent. Anka starts to live in fear of receiving a phone call telling her that her husband has died and she ends up developing a post-traumatic stress syndrome similar to that of soldiers fighting on the front. The actress Ewa Bukowska debuts behind the movie camera for a powerful female portrait, part family drama and part psychological thriller.

  • Reporter
    Angelo Acerbi
  • Guest
    Ewa Bukowska
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    53 Wars
  • Festival section
    Torino 36
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