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Fabian Stumm – Bones and Names #LFF38

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Fabian Stumm’s directorial debut is a personal film about love, death, and finding one’s place in life.

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PODCAST | Federica Scarpa interviews Fabian Stumm, director and actor of the film Bones and Names.

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Bones and Names tells of a couple in crisis, Jonathan busy writing his new novel, and Boris busy with the play in which he is about to star. Art mixes with life, and the lives of the two protagonists mix with those of the people around them, especially Jonathan’s young niece, who mirrors the inner turmoil of adults. We talked to Fabian about his directorial debut with this very personal story, how he worked on the visual identity of his film, how he inserted some meta-cinema scenes and, surprisingly, the Taylor Swift reference.

Bones and Names:Boris and Jonathan have been a couple for many years. When writer Jonathan gets more and more lost in his work on a new novel and actor Boris feels drawn to his younger colleague Tim during film rehearsals, they unexpectedly find themselves at a turning point in their relationship and begin to question their love. Meanwhile, Jonathan’s single mom sister Natascha strives to find more stability for herself and her small daughter Josie, who in turn struggles to deal with the approaching end of her childhood.

  • Reporter
    Federica Scarpa
  • Guest
    Fabian Stumm
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Bones and Names
  • Festival section
    All the Lovers Competition
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