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Fred@school or how to improve the love of cinema.

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Federico Spoletti – Founder of Fred Film Radio – Fred @ School

Federico Spoletti, founder of Fred Film Radio, tells us about Fred @ School and how it works, which are its aims and goals and who are the institutions supporting such a  project, so innovative and important that it has been awarded by the European Community, too.

FRED AT SCHOOL is an Audience Development project selected   by   the   European   Commission   presented   by  FRED  Film  Radio  in  the  Creative  Europe  Programme.

It is conceived for secondary schools and will be active in a number  of  European  countries.  Its  objective  is  to  raise awareness of European films and culture among young people (students aged 14 – 16).

The  project  aims  to  promote  film  education  through screenings  in  schools,  supported  by  the  radio,  which  will be  used  as  an  alternative  way  to  enhance  film  literacy  in  a number of European languages.

All films within the project will be made accessible to students with visual or hearing impairments, for a totally  inclusive experience.

For  more  information  or  if  you  wish  to  be  involved  in  FRED AT SCHOOL – as  a  student,  a  teacher,  a  school,  an institution,   a   film   festival,   a   sponsor –   please   contact  FRED Film Radio:

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    Angelo Acerbi
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    Federico Spoletti
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    Founder of Fred Film Radio
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