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Felicity Jones, Eddie Redmayne, Todd Lieberman – The Aeronauts #LFF2019

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Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne talk about reuniting for the action packed The Aeronauts.

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7 min. and 56 sec.

PODCAST | Steve Hargrave interviews Felicity Jones, Eddie Redmayne and Todd Lieberman, actors and producer of the film The Aeronauts.

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Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne last worked together on the Oscar-winning drama Theory Of Everything and now they’re back together for the historical action adventure The Aeronauts – Fred catches up with the pair at a very wet London Film Festival premiere, and hears from producer Todd Lieberman about the making of the movie.

The Aeronauts: In 1862, daredevil balloon pilot Amelia Wren (Felicity Jones) teams up with pioneering meteorologist James Glaisher (Eddie Redmayne) to advance human knowledge of the weather and fly higher than anyone in history. While breaking records and advancing scientific discovery, their voyage to the very edge of existence helps the unlikely pair find their place in the world they have left far below them. But they face physical and emotional challenges in the thin air, as the ascent becomes a fight for survival.

To discover more about the film, click here.

  • Reporter
    Steve Hargrave
  • Guest
    Felicity Jones, Eddie Redmayne, Todd Lieberman
  • Interviewee role
    Actors and Producer
  • Film title
    The Aeronauts
  • Festival section
    Headline Galas
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