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Felipe Hirsch – Severina #Locarno70

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The importance of Latin American literature and the union of artists of the continent

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PODCAST | Jaime Grijalba G. interviews Felipe Hirsch, director of the film Severina.

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Felipe Hirsch is a Brazillian filmmaker and play director whose second film, Severina, plays at the Concorso Cineasta del Presente. In this interview he speaks about the plot of the film, the influence of Latin American literature in his work and on the original novel in which this film is based, the importance of working with cast & crew from the rest of Latin America, and about his future projects, both in film and theater.

Severina: a melancholic, aspiring writer and bookseller is shaken by the appearances and disappearances of his newfound muse who steals books from his bookstore. When he discovers that she also steals from other bookstores, he is consumed with jealousy and starts living in a kind of love delirium, on the border between fiction and reality. The closer he gets to her, the more indescribable she becomes and he begins to wonder why she steals, what are her values and who is the older man she lives with. At the end, what is real and what isn’t? And will he find a place in her life as he moves away from his own?

For the official page of the film on the festival website, click here.


  • Reporter
    Jaime Grijalba G.
  • Guest
    Felipe Hirsch
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  • Film title
  • Festival section
    Cineasti del Presente
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