Freddie Fox, Jim Broadbent, Moe Dunford – Black 47 #Berlinale2018

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The grey shades of Evil.

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PODCAST| Nicolò Comotti interviews Freddie Fox, Jim Broadbent and Moe Dunford, actors of the film Black 47.

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The meeting with the stellar cast of Black 47 continues, and this time we get to sit and talk with the bad guys. Jim Broadbent, Moe Dunford and Freddie Fox are indeed the different facets of the malign indifference and pain that the British Empire perpetrated towards the Irish People during the Famine. However, this time around a certain Feeney will demand justice, his own way.

Black 47:  Ireland, 1847. After fighting for the British crown in the war in Afghanistan, Martin Feeney returns to his Irish homeland as a deserter. He finds his country in dire straits. Potato blight has destroyed the crops and over a million people have perished in the resulting famine. Martin’s family has also been affected: his mother is among the victims and his brother has been sentenced to death by the British occupying forces. Martin’s plan to emigrate to the USA with his sister-in-law and her children fails, and witnessing his last remaining relatives wasting away almost robs him of the will to live. In desperation, he begins a bloody vendetta across the social and political hierarchy of Ireland. To stop this wrathful avenger, the British hire Hannah who fought with Martin in Afghanistan. Lance Daly draws on motifs from the western for his drama about a dark chapter of British colonialism in neighbouring Ireland that has rarely been told on the big screen. The gritty realism of the film’s photography conveys the misery of a suffering people and describes individuals cast adrift in austere landscapes.

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  • Reporter
    Nicolò Comotti
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    Freddie Fox, Jim Broadbent, Moe Dunford
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  • Film title
    Black 47
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