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What is MAIA Workshops, and how can it help documentary filmmakers?

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Graziella Bildesheim – Head of MAIA Workshops

Graziella Bildesheim tells us about how the MAIA Workshops programme works to achieve its aim in helping and preparing as well as training – or as she specifies in the interview, coaching – new documentary film directors in taking their first steps in the worlds of festivals and marketing.

MAIA Workshops is an advanced training and coaching programme for emerging producers. They see the producer as central to the complex process of developing, producing, marketing and distributing an audiovisual work and they work together, with a hands-on participative and creative approach, to provide their participants with the fundamental skills they need to steer their projects through all these phases to their audience.

Under the guidance of some of the best industry experts from all around the world, Maia has a steady hold on the state of the art in the global audiovisual market. They are keen to explore new and innovative ways of making and marketing films with low budgets. They also look forward into transmedia storytelling and building crossmedia projects for different platforms as much as they insist on consolidating our knowledge of the crafts and the skills of classical film production.

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    Angelo Acerbi
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    Graziella Bildesheim
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    Programme Director
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    MAIA Workshops
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