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Gren Wells (Director), Brent Emery (Producer), The Road Within.

Festival Section: Alice nella città.

Fred’s Chiara Nicoletti meets with director Grent Wells and producer Brent Emery for the Rome premiere screening of their film THE ROAD WITHIN starring Robert Sheehan,Dev Patel, Zoe Kravitz and Kyra Sedgwick. The Film is the last film in the ALice Competition to be screened at this 11th edition. Gren Wells, who has been appointed by Variety as one of the 10 emerging directors to watch ,is at her first experience directing after working many years as producer and scriptwriter. The film is a dramedy/coming of age/road movie and it is the remake of a a the German winner film Vincent want to sea by Ralf Huettner (2010) which tells the story of Vincent, a young man with the Tourette Syndrome. When his mum dies, Vincent is forced to go live in a treatment facility by his father, a politician,who is ashamed of his disorder. Once there, he will make new friends and eventually break out of the clinic with the anorexic and rebellious Marie and the OCD germaphobe Alex to embark on a road trip to the ocean.

Reporter: Chiara Nicoletti.

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