Marrakech International Film Festival

Guillermo del Toro #FIFM

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Guillermo del Toro comes to Marrakech Film Festival to hold a special conversation with the audience.

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10 min. and 5 sec.

PODCAST| David Martos interviews director Guillermo del Toro at the 2018 Marrakech Film Festival.

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Months after his Oscar for The Shape of Water, one of the most well-known Mexican directors addresses Netflix, his new film Pinnochio or pleasing the audience. Del Toro affirms that now he prefers to get a film made than guaranteeing that it’s going to be shown in a cinema. Praises Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma as one of his most cherished films and talks about his relationship to monsters.



  • Reporter
    David Martos
  • Guest
    Guillermo del Toro
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