Heroes 20.20.20



FRED Film Radio is proud to present the Heroes 20.20.20. project

The Sardegna Film Foundation launched the Heroes 20.20.20. project in collaboration with the Sardinian Regional Department of Industry, the Energy Service, and Sardegna Ricerche. Its goal is to promote eco-sustainable best practices at the local level by creating a new public awareness campaign to celebrate the “everyday heroes” of environmental sustainability. The approach is to fund audio-visual projects that can be distributed on various platforms, including theatrical release, television, and the Internet. The Heroes productions all experiment with updated green guidelines that have been established by international organizations, such as: PGA Green (U.S.); VAF with its e-Mission project (Belgium/Flanders); Ecoprod (France); and EcoMovie (Italy), as well as others. These productions are a living, working example of sustainability and broaden the Sardinian public’s understanding of the importance of saving energy and the resulting benefits of efficiency. They also help spread sustainable producing practices throughout our Creative Industries. Through them, eco-sustainability is shown as an investment opportunity.

Nevina Satta talks about the project on FRED English during the 10th Rome Film Festival

Festival de Cannes 2015: FILM4CLIMATE Conference – Action on Climate Change (in English)

Rome Film Festival 2015: GREEN SET IN ITALY Conference (in Italian)


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