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Ira Sachs, Director, Love is Strange.

Festival Section: Panorama.

FRED FILM RADIO (through the voice of Chiara Nicoletti) and Ira Sachs meet again at the 64th Berlinale for LOVE IS STRANGE in Panorama , after the success of the 2012 Teddy Award winner KEEP THE LIGHTS ON.

Love is strange is a multigenerational story of love and marriage where the heart is a long-term relationship of Ben and George (Lithgow – Molina). Ira Sachs tells us that in his opinion, all his films, including Love is Strange, are also a coming-of-age story as the film tracks the growing awareness of a teenage boy (Ben’s nephew) .

In Love is Strange Sachs declares that there are his projection of certain things that he hopes to be possible in a long term love and marriage union which is for a relationship to grow and blossom. Ira Sachs manages to portray an ordinary but tender and passionate gay love story that it will accompany a wide range of people and the big audience in a long walk beyond stereotypes.


Reporter: Chiara Nicoletti.

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