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Isabel Sandoval – Shangri-la #Giornate2021

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From the series Miu Miu Women’s Tales, Isabel Sandoval comes back to Venice.

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5 min. and 56 sec.

PODCAST | Angelo Acerbi interviews Isabel Sandoval, director of the film Shangri-la.

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Isabel Sandoval comes back to Giornate Degli Autori with a short film included in the series Miu Miu Women’s tales. Shangri-la is a story of inclusion and acceptance, two issues Isabel cherishes and fights for. Lovely as usual, she talks about the reason of the film and the connection of its subject with the philosophy of the fashion brand that promotes the programme the short film is part pof.

Shangri-la: It’s California, during the Great Depression. A woman is confiding her most intimate thoughts in a church confessional, while the man on the other side listens silently and intently. But this is no ordinary religious ritual for seeking salvation. The woman – a second generation Filipino farmhand – is rapt in roleplay reverie, her sensuous words aimed at her white American lover, during a historic period when such interracial relationships were forbidden by state law. The confession box transforms into a romantic time machine, ecstatic and melancholic, traveling into alternate futures. She manifests as multiple, dazzling women, and they can love freely.

  • Reporter
    Angelo Acerbi
  • Guest
    Isabel Sandoval
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    Giornate degli autori
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