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Jacques Audiard – Dheepan #Cannes2015

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The winner of the 2015 Palme d’Or

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9 min. and 2 sec.

Jacques Audiard – director – Dheepan

FRED’s Bénédicte Prot interviews Jacques Audiard, whose latest work Dheepan won the coveted 2015 Palme d’Or at the 68th Cannes Film Festival.

Jacques Audiard tells us how his film became a love story, with genre elements, describes his characters and their function in the story, and his work with the actors…

DHEEPAN: Dheepan tells the story of a makeshift family of three who, in order to escape the war in Sri Lanka and stay in Europe under borrowed identities, have to learn to live together, possibly love one another.

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    Bénédicte Prot
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    Jacuqes Audiard
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