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 Jason Loftus – Eternal Spring #FdP63

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Combining modern day footage with 3D animations inspired by Daxiong’s art, the film traces the event to its 20th anniversary and brings to life an unprecedented story of challenge.

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12 min. and 10 sec.

PODCAST | Laura Della Corte interviews Jason Loftus, director of the film Eternal Spring.

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In the Interview with Jason Loftus, director of Eternal Spring at Festival dei Popoli, we talked about a hilarious story of determination to speak out for political and religious freedoms, whatever the cost.

Eternal Spring: A breathtaking sequence shot shows a police round-up in a Chinese city. It is the incipit of the film, made through the 3D animation of the drawings by Daxiong, a Chinese artist drawn to the USA: it is the operation carried out in 2002 and aimed at arresting the followers of the Falun Gong religious movement. Shortly before, the group had managed to hack Chinese state television, broadcasting a message against the government’s persecution of members of the movement. Some will be arrested and die in prison, others will be able to escape and leave the country. Reconstructing the facts, alternating interviews and animation, Eternal Spring relies on Daxiong as an intercessor character who travels in search of survivors, to give shape and what has no visible evidence, but only memories that come to life through drawing and animation. A film that investigates the limits of representation, and the need for testimony in the face of any event of censorship and violence. Oscar nominated for Canada, a work that opens up new dimensions for the story of reality in its freest, most responsible and imaginative form.

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    Laura Della Corte
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    Jason Loftus
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    Eternal Spring
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