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Jimmy Gimferrer – cinematographer / member of OKO 2015 jury

FRED’s Matt Micucci interviews Jimmy Gimferrer, cinematographer and winner of last year’s Ostrava Kamera Oko.

Although he was unable to attend the festival last year, where he won the festival’s main award for his cinematography in the film by Albert Serra STORY OF MY DEATH, he agreed to be part of the jury of the main competition at this year’s edition, the 7th in its history. And it’s a pleasure to hear his passionate and strong views on cinematography.

Not only does he give a detailed and almost philosophical account on STORY OF MY DEATH by Albert Serra. He also comments on the waves of cinema, and what shaped it to the mostly underwhelming way in which it is today. But we also talk about the “method to his madness” in his chat with us about the way in which he works.

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    Matt Micucci
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    Jimmy Gimferrer
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