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John Branca – Estate of Michael Jackson #Venezia74

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The hotly anticipated 3-D version of the 1983 game-changing “Thriller” short directed by John Landis

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PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews John Branca, codirector of the film Estate of Michael Jackson.

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John Branca, co-executor of Estate of Michael Jackson, was in Venice at the 74th Venice International Film Festival for the special screening of Thriller, the iconic John Landis directed short film starring Michael Jackson. The film has been restored in 3D: this was the version that was presented at the Lido, one of the highlights of the film and music program at this year’s Venice International Film Festival. We speak with him about the process of restoration and the history of the film, which remains very popular to this day, and has time and time again been described as “game-changing.”

Estate of Michael Jackson: the iconic short film begins with Michael and his date watching a horror film. After leaving mid-way through the movie, they are walking through deserted streets and graveyards where ghosts and ghouls rise in the mist. Michael’s character is more than just a protective boyfriend. The film features one of the most beloved and recreated dance scenes of all time. Michael, surrounded by zombies, is at the height of his powers as a performer and star. In creating Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D, the process began with Michael’s own original 35 mm film negative, which was not reedited or recut in any way, and resulted in a 3D conversion of the acclaimed film using the latest available technology.

  • Reporter
    Matt Micucci
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    John Branca
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    Estate of Michael Jackson
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    Out of Competition
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