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There is a thin red thread that connects Johnnie To’s most personal works like this “Sparrow”, or like “Throw down”, and it is the love that transpires in photographing Hong Kong and the love for cinema in different forms.

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PODCAST | Laura Della Corte interviews Johnnie To, director of the film Sparrow.

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In the interview with Johnnie To, director of Sparrow and Election we talked about the usual Milkyway Image technical expertise that characterizes his works; to underline, in particular, the versatile photography of Cheng Siu Keung and the persuasive music of Xavier Jamaux and Fred Avril.

Sparrow: Kei is the expert leader of a pickpocket team. (Pickpockets are also known as “Sparrows” in Hong Kong slang). He enjoys a carefree lifestyle by taking pictures with his vintage Rolleiflex. One day a charming beauty, Chun-Lei, suddenly appears in Kei’s sights. Kei is hypnotized. Each member of her team has an encounter with her… But behind her attractive facade of her Chun-lei hides a mysterious past and a mission to get rid of her.


  • Reporter
    Laura Della Corte
  • Guest
    Johnnie To
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    Tribute to Johnnie To
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