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Jon Alpert – Life of Crime (1984-2020) #Venezia78

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5 min. and 27 sec.

Jon Alpert tells the story of three ordinary people, involved with crime in Newark, throughout more than three decades.

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5 min. and 27 sec.

PODCAST |David Martos interviews Jon Alpert, director of the documentary Life of Crime (1984-2020).

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Director and journalist Jon Alpert talks to FRED about the beginning of the project, the moment he realized that Life of Crime (1984-2020), selected out of competition in Venice 2021, would be a documentary. During the conversation he addresses the big question for every filmmaker that wants to make a real-life documentary: ‘How close to the subjects of my film should I be?’.

Life of Crime (1984-2020): HBO’s Life Of Crime: 1984-2020, directed by Emmy® winner Jon Alpert, is an intimate cinema verite documentary that immerses you in the heartbreaking and often violent world of drug addiction and crime. Set in one of the world’s roughest cities, Newark, New Jersey, the film spans nearly 40 years and is an unfiltered look at America’s longest and deadliest war -the war against drugs- as experienced first hand by three people who struggled with addiction, Rob, Freddie, and Deliris.

  • Reporter
    David Martos
  • Guest
    Jon Alpert
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Life of Crime (1984-2020)
  • Festival section
    Out of competition
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