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Jonas Rothlaender, director of “Fado” #TIFF2016

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Echoes of Portuguese music in Roethlaender’s film about the destructiveness of jealousy.

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9 min. and 50 sec.

PODCAST | Matt Micucci interviews Jonas Roethlaender, director of the film Fado from the 15th Transilvania International Film Festival.

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A guy moves to Lisbon to win his girlfriend back. But jealousy and possessiveness threaten to send the couple’s romance on a path to self destruction. Intense and unsettling, Jonas Roethlaender’s Fado is a film that takes us inside the mind of its male protagonist, in an organic way, and to the point where what is real and what is imagined is constantly mysterious and questionable.

We talk about the intentions of the film with the director and the personal influences that came into play when making the film. One of them, as the title implies, came from the nature of the title Portuguese music genre, which often talks about subjects of sorrowful longing and other elements, such as the sea. Roethlander discusses the meaning behind the title and much more in this interview from the 15th Transilvania International Film Festival.

FADO: Young doctor Fabian travels to Lisbon to win back his ex-girlfriend Doro. While the two of them are gradually getting closer again they are being haunted by their fears. Fabian’s jealousy once again puts their relationship to the test.

Feature Film: FADO – Trailer from StickUp Filmproduktion on Vimeo.

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