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Joseph Amenta – Soft #LFF38

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A coming of age in which the protagonists know exactly who they are but don’t know how the world works.

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12 min. and 4 sec.

PODCAST | Federica Scarpa interviews Joseph Amenta, director of the film Soft.

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In competition at the 38th Lovers Film Festival, Joseph Amenta’s debut feature, Soft, tells the story of a group of queer kids in a queer world who, an absolute novelty for the genre, don’t have to find out who they are during the film. But instead, discover the world around them. Dedicated to the queer community that becomes your family, Soft is a film full of joy at the”kids’ height”, as the director tells us.

Soft: Three queer adolescent friends find themselves in a difficult situation when they decide to sneak into a gay club in Toronto. To enter this promised land, insolent runaway Julien, lively Tony, and timid Otis decide to commit a minor crime, unaware of its indirect consequences: the disappearance of Dawn, Julien’s guardian. The three young boys start to investigate, and make unexpected, disturbing discoveries about Dawn’s life. This short debut film is intended as a sincere love letter to teenage friendship and a powerful proof of how persevering and adaptable the queer community can be.

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    Federica Scarpa
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    Joseph Amenta
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    All the Lovers Competition
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