Judith State, Cristian Popa – Monsters #Berlinale2019

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12 min. and 58 sec.

The two actors of Monsters tell us the method and the work used to deliver such a moving performance.

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12 min. and 58 sec.

PODCAST| Angelo Acerbi interviews Judith State and Cristian Popa, actors of the film Monsters.

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Judith State is a well known face in the Romanian cinema, for Cristian Popa this was his first time on screen, being a veteran stage actor. They both manage to bring the film on in a splendid way and with such intense performances. They talk about their characters, their work with the director Olteanu to enter the story and the narrative structure of it, and some resemblances with real life, too.

Monsters: Arthur and Dana are married, they seem the perfect pari, from the outside. Over the course of a single day, the film shows first Dana, then Arthur then the two together: marriage, love, friendship, repressed sexuality and society pressure all entertwine in an agonising but inevitable interaction.

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    Angelo Acerbi
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    Judith State, Cristian Popa
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