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Katina Medina Mora – You Will Know What To Do With Me #CFF60

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11 min. and 31 sec.

A cathartic process – Katalina Madina Mora’s eight year journey to the making of the film.

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11 min. and 31 sec.

Katina Medina Mora – director – You Will Know What To Do With Me

FRED’s Matt Micucci interviews filmmaker Katina Medina Mora, whose film YOU WILL KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH ME had its World Premiere at the 60th Cork Film Festival.

Katina described working on this film as a cathartic process before the film screened at the Gate Cinema – and she tells us why that is, and the mahy personal aspects of the film that led to its development over the lengthy course of eight years.

She also talks about the different choices she made for the film, such as the narrative structure that sees the blooming love story between the leading characters from each of their individual viewpoints or the subtle and yet meaningful visual stylistic choices.

On top of that, we talk about how she cast and worked with the actors themselves, whose excellent performances and the fantastic chemistry they share between them contribute to the beauty and overall impact of the film.

YOU WILL KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH ME: Photographer Nicolás, epileptic since childhood, and is forced to take care of himself and sacrifice a lot, though he lives a normal life. On the other hand, Isabel is a woman who, apparently, has her whole life figured out although her mother is ill and she has no choice but to try to save her. Isabel and Nicolás fall in love in spite of themselves, their demons, their ghosts, and their weaknesses. Suddenly engaged in a relationship none of them would have even dared to imagine, they experience the love, passion, insecurity, fear, and allergy to commitment in this subtle and intelligent love story.

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    Matt Micucci
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    Katina Medina Mora
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  • Film title
    You Will Know What To Do With Me
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