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Kevin Allen – Under Milk Wood #CFF60

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Imagining Dylan Thomas, in a dream…within a dream…within a dream

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Kevin Allen – director – Under Milk Wood

FRED’s Matt Micucci interviews director Kevin Allen, director of the film UNDER MILK WOOD, selected as the UK’s entry for best foreign language film at the 2015 Academy Awards. The film was also featured in the programme of the 60th Cork Film Festival.

With this film, Kevin Allen re-imagines the work of DYLAN THOMAS, commissioned by the BBC, and it is a suited production considering last year’s celebrations of his centenary. But is is also quite a dreamlike film that aims to, rather than re-imagine it, straigh on imagine it from scratch, with a distinctive style.

The director talks with us about how he got the film to come together and hoped to make it an interactive experience, which not only stands as a film itself, but a work with a life that will go on, not only with the DVD release of the film, but a vinyl and book to go with it.

Furthermore, we talk about how the cast, headed by RHYS IFENS and which includes CHARLOTTE CHURCH was composed, and how the overall production was meticulously constructed.

UNDER MILK WOOD: Rhys Ifans returns to his South Wales roots with this lusty cinematic remake of the celebrated radio ‘play for voices’ by legendary Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. This beautiful adaptation of Thomas’s iconic classic, stars Rhys Ifans and Charlotte Church.

Very different indeed to the 1972 version, brimming wih Richard Burton gravitas, Allen’s (often very) erotic, surreal cinematic approach explores some of the more visceral elements of the funny, magical dreamscape of Thomas’ seaside village Llareggub (buggerall backwards). The film is lush and enthralling, with the lyricism of the language matched by rich, dreamlike imagery

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    Matt Micucci
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    Kevin Allen
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    Under Milk Wood
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