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Kim Dae-hwan – Cho-haeng (The Final Lap) #Locarno70

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A naturalistic and compelling family drama from an up and coming South Korean filmmaker that achieves impressive results from simple means

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6 min. and 33 sec.

PODCAST | Matt Turner interviews Kim Dae-hwan, director of the film Cho-haeng (The Final Lap).

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Kim Dae-hwan’s Cho-haeng sensitively depicts the doubts and struggles of a couple six years into their relationship who, upon learning they may be having a child, travel home to better understand the nature of their connection and the extent of their growth together. We discussed the origin of the project and Kim’s personal connection to the material and the regions in which Cho-haeng was set, his improvisational methods for extracting a realistic and relatable emotional experience out of modest moments, and what it means to make films about the family as many great South East Asian directors have done before him.

Cho-haeng (The Final Lap): Su-hyeon, a teacher at a private art institute, and Ji-young, a contract worker at a small network enterprise have been living together for six years. To his surprise, Su-hyeon finds out that Ji-young is late for her period and, in view of the birth of his child, he seizes the opportunity to reunite with his family. The couple sets off for Samcheok, at the far end of the east coast.

For the official page of the film on the festival website, click here.


  • Reporter
    Matt Turner
  • Guest
    Kim Dae-hwan
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Cho-haeng (The Final Lap)
  • Festival section
    Cineasti del Presente
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