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Lino DiSalvo – Playmobil The Movie #RomaFF14

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6 min. and 9 sec.

Bringing the Disney lesson into Playmobil The Movie. Lino DiSalvo hightlights the importance of research in animation films.

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6 min. and 9 sec.

PODCAST | Chiara Nicoletti interviews Lino DiSalvo, director of the film Playmobil The Movie.

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“Research” is the key word to the lesson Lino DiSalvo learned while working at Disney on major films like Frozen. He then brought his expertise into the making of Playmobil the movie, presented at Alice nella Città in Rome. The big lesson of Playmobil is to give yourself a break and stay connected to the children in you. Be positive and enjoy the adventures you can live through the many many worlds Playmobil created.

Playmobil The Movie: When her younger brother Charlie unexpectedly disappears into the magical, animated universe of PLAYMOBIL ®, unprepared Maria must go on the quest of a lifetime to bring him home. As she sets off on a fantastic journey across stunning new worlds, Maria teams up with some and heroic new friends – the smooth-talking food truck driver Del, the dashing charismatic secret agent Rex Dasher, a wholehearted misfit robot, an extra fairy-godmother, and many more. Through their vibrant adventure, Maria and Charlie realise that no matter how lite plays out, you achieve anything when you believe in yourself!

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  • Reporter
    Chiara Nicoletti
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    Lino DiSalvo
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    Playmobil The Movie
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    special events
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