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Lorcan Finnegan – Vivarium #LFF2019

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2 min. and 38 sec.

The director of Vivarium on the red carpet of the premiere at the London Film Festival.

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2 min. and 38 sec.

PODCAST | Angelo Acerbi interviews Lorcan Finnegan, director of the film Vivarium.

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On the red carpet for the premiere of his film Vivarium at the London Film Festival, Lorcan Finnegan talks about the idea for such an entertaining but disturbing film and the importance of the art direction in this particular creative situation.

Vivarium: Young professionals Gemma and Tom are looking to buy a home together. When their local estate agent informs them of a new housing development, the enigmatically named Yonder, they ignore their initial reservations and decide to check it out. But this cautious couple should have listened to their instincts, quickly finding themselves unable to escape the seemingly endless maze of picture-perfect streets. As the weeks pass, they are forced to accept they are trapped inside this manufactured utopia. Then, one day, a baby boy is mysteriously delivered to their doorstep.

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    Angelo Acerbi
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    Lorcan Finnegan
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