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Marc Pierschel – The End of Meat #jedensvet2018

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What would happen if everyone in the world gave up on eating meat?

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PODCAST| Matt Micucci interviews Marc Pierschel, director of the film The End of Meat.

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An interview with Marc Pierschel, director of The End of Meat, a documentary presented at the 20th One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Prague, Czech Republic. The documentary, simply put, looks at what would happen if we all stopped eating meat. Despite the sensitive issue, Pierschel tells us that he did not want to be too pushy and just present people with the facts. One of the things that The End of Meat shows is that there has been a rise in vegan products and veganism in general. The rise in accessibility to vegan products has also coined a new term, “flexiterians,” and, for instance, led some butchers to make vegan products themselves. But the film examines the issue on a global scale, and in this interview, we talk about some of the specific things addressed, such as the current situation of meat products in India, and people beginning to take in non-traditionally domestic animals into their homes, proved by the popularity of Esther the Wonder Pig. Pierschel himself has been a vegan for many years and recognizes meat consumption as a critical issue, therefore, his hope is that this film will get people talking.

The End of Meat: What would the world look like if everyone gave up on meat? Can such a scenario even be conceived? What about the animals themselves? German director Marc Pierschel crosses continents to chart the mutual influence of the animal industry and the shape of our society. The starting point of his exploration is Germany, where the wind of change has so far been strongest. Large chain stores have pure vegan sections, and more and more vegan restaurants are emerging throughout the country. But are people really capable of consistently replacing meat with meatless products? What are the stories of those who have chosen to make this change? The documentary seeks answers among the scientists who create meat products without meat, philosophers who ask ethical questions about the cohabitation of humans with animals, and the animals themselves, liberated from large-scale farming and slaughterhouses.

To know more about the documentary, click here.

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    Matt Micucci
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    Marc Pierschel
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    The End of Meat
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