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Marisella Rossetti – LUX Prize #LuxPrize

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The success story of a generous film project embracing all Europe for a shared, common, experience.

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PODCAST | Bénédicte Prot interviews Marisella Rossetti, Directorate-General for Communication of the LUX Prize.

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Marisella Rossetti, in charge of the LUX Prize of the European Parliament, rejoices at the incredible success of this now 10-year-old initiative, which first started inside that institution on a strong premise – that of translating European films in all the languages of the Union to allow for a shared experience likely to strike a dialogue and enrich public debate – and was therefore able to spread its wings far beyond and reach out to a vast public of all ages, everywhere in Europe, through its presence at festivals and other dynamic events, such as the LUX Film Days.

The 10th anniversary celebration of the LUX Prize, held at the European Parliament on October 10, was conceived as a perfect illustration of the fantastic journey of the Prize and of its exciting achievements, with a keynote speech from the British maestro Ken Loach, a roundtable also involving past participants Céline Sciamma and Andrea Segre, the opening of the exhibition “10 years, 100 films”, and an evening Europe-wide simultaneous screening of Mustang (LUX Prize winner 2015) culminating in a live Internet Q&A between the director and all the viewers all across the continent.


  • Reporter
    Bénédicte Prot
  • Guest
    Marisella Rossetti
  • Interviewee role
    directorate-general for communication of the LUX Prize
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