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Mark Cousins – Life May Be #EIFF

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Mark Cousins – Co-director – Life May Be

FRED meets the filmmaker Mark Cousins, who co-directed the film LIFE MAY BE along with Iranian filmmaker Mania Akbari, which was presented at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2014.
A heartfelt meditation on art and identity.
Two filmmakers carry on a correspondence in the form of essayistic films in which they consider some themes that are at the core of their personal and artistic lives: exile, the body, representation. As each filmed letter responds and spirals off from the previous one, the film becomes increasingly fervent and complex, interrogating the artistic process and identity itself. A free and bold film that unites two EIFF veterans: Mania Akbari (From Tehran to London, EIFF 2013) and Mark Cousins (A Story of Children and Film, EIFF 2013).

Festival section: Directors’ Showcase

Reporter: Matt Micucci

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