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Marko Crnogorski – Bunker #23rdSFF

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One of the Pack & Pitch projects from the 11th Talents Sarajevo.

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6 min. and 7 sec.

PODCAST | Mónika Bajnóczi interviews director Marko Crnogorski on his Pack & Pitch project, Bunker, from the 11th Talents Sarajevo.

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The Macedonian director and co-writer of Bunker introduces his first feature project and talks about his experiences as a participant of Talent Sarajevo.

Since 2010, several emerging producers and directors have prepared their projects for the marketplace within the Pack & Pitch framework. Over the course of Sarajevo Film Festival, participants are mentored by experts and eventually have to present their projects to the jury as well as the public.

Bunker is the story of teenager Toni and his amnesiac veteran father Nikola who lock themselves in a shelter inside their apartment for Nikola’s safety. After briefly introducing his movie at the public pitching in Sarajevo’s Hotel Europe, director Marko Crnogorski tells us about the writing process with his co-writer Jana Paunoska, the traumatic experience with his country’s health care system that inspired the story of Bunker, along with giving his impressions of the 11th Talents Sarajevo programme and how it helped him to develop his filmmaking skills.

  • Reporter
    Mónika Bajnóczi
  • Guest
    Marko Crnogorski
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
  • Festival section
    Talents Sarajevo
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