Marvin Kren – Freud #Berlinale2020

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Turning the story of Sigmund Freud into a horror-thriller TV series.

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PODCAST | Chiara Nicoletti interviews Marvin Kren, director of Netflix tv series Freud.

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Marvin Kren is a director known to be a master of horror films in his country, Austria. When receiving the proposal of directing a TV series for Netflix on the most famous Austrian person who ever lived, FREUD, it was his idea to give the series a dark and twisted accent, turning it into a horror-thriller experience. Marvin Kren describes his approach to the Freudian world and reveals he went through hypnosis to better understand what it means to be faced with the darkest side of your own mind.

Freud: Eager to make his name in 19th-century Vienna, a hungry young Sigmund Freud joins a psychic and an inspector to solve a string of bloody mysteries.

Freud is part of the 70th Berlinale series section and will be on Netflix from March 23rd.

To discover more about the film, click here.

  • Reporter
    Chiara Nicoletti
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    Marvin Kren
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    Berlinale series
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