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Mazen Khaled – Martyr #Venezia74

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A film on friendship and finding someone’s place in the world. Visually perfect

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12 min. and 23 sec.

PODCAST | Angelo Acerbi interviews Mazen Khaled, director of the film Martyr.

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Mazen Khaled comes to Venice with a really great film which shows an unusual and less known side of life in Beirut. There is an area of steep cliffs where young males try their bravery diving. A tragedy occurs and the lives of a group of friends change all of a sudden.

Martyr: The strange drowning of a young man at Beirut’s seaside sparks a mob funeral and causes his friends, who hail from different communities, to grapple with loss and with the struggle to participate in his community’s rites and ceremonies. The life and death journey that the young man takes on the last day of his life exposes the schisms of the city and the fault lines dividing its society, and reveals some of the forces pushing the lives of those marginalized young men. In Islamic tradition, drowning is considered grounds for Martyrdom. What does that word really mean? Is it an effort to console a bereaved family and preclude their grief? Is it an empty attempt by a marginalized group to evoke heroism and mythology in order to compensate in death for what they never achieved in life? In this film, raw verité images intermingle with abstract scenes of dance and performance to present us with a world, much like ours, where the lines separating reality from fiction, authenticity from fabrication, have ceased to exist.

  • Reporter
    Angelo Acerbi
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    Mazen Khaled
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    Biennale College
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