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Mélanie Thierry – A Perfect Day #Cannes2015

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“We see the film from my character’s eyes”

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8 min. and 28 sec.

Mélanie Thierry – actress – A Perfect Day

FRED’s Chiara Nicoletti meets Melanie Thierry, the youngest among the actors who took part in the ensemble film by Fernando Leon de Aranoa – A Perfect Day. The film is at the Festival De Cannes in the Director’s Fortnight’ section.

Melanie tells us how it was to be on set with two great actors like TIm Robbins and Benicio del Toro and how protective they were in the film and during the shootings.

A PERFECT DAY: A group of aid workers tries to resolve a crisis in an armed conflict zone: Sophie is a newcomer, she wants to help ; Mambrú has seen it all and wants to go home ; Katya is the former mistress of Mambrú ; Damir wants the war to end, and B doesn’t know what he wants.

Humor, drama, emotion, routine, danger, hope : it all fits in A perfect day.

  • Reporter
    Chiara Nicoletti
  • Guest
    Mélanie Thierry
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    A Perfect Day
  • Festival section
    Quinzaine des Réalisateurs
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