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Michael Mueller – The Beat Beneath My Feet #LondonRaindance

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11 min. and 23 sec.
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11 min. and 23 sec.

Michael Mueller, Screenwriter and co-producer, The Beat Beneath My Feet.

Festival Section: Summer.

FRED’s Matt Micucci interview screenwriter and co-producer of THE BEAT BENEATH MY FEET, Michael Mueller. The film was presented at the 22nd Raindance Film Festival.

We chat with Michael about where the inspiration for his screenplay came from, how he collaborated with director John Williams to come up with a final vision and he even takes time to writers some advice on what to do to tell a good story.

THE BEAT BENEATH MY FEET is a film about the bond that develops between an introverted teenage kid with dreams of becoming a singer songwriter but afflicted by a crippling shyness and a former rock god everyone thought was dead now on the run from law and recovering from the trauma of the death of his son, which he blames himself for.

Reporter: Matt Micucci.

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