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Michael Pearce – Beast #TFF35

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An astounding first feature, visually compelling and with a riveting plot. A director to watch for.

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10 min. and 52 sec.

PODCAST| Angelo Acerbi interviews Michael Pearce, director of the film Beast.

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Michael Pearce, in competition at the Torino Film Festival, brings us into the land of Jersey, with its wide landscapes and its narrowminded folks. A tale about a girl with a troubled past, living in an constrained surrounding, where the arrival of a foreign guy breaks all balance, for everyone. With a strong hand he delivers a mezmerising narrative, with the help of a truly impressive cast. Let’s hear directly from his mouth about the genesis of the film, its influences and the idea behind it.

Beast:  Moll lives on the Channel Island of Jersey. Even though she is twenty-seven years old, she still lives with her parents. What keeps her there is the small, rather oppressive community which surrounds her and her morbid relationship with her elderly father and very strict mother. Everything changes when she meets Pascal, a foreigner she knows virtually nothing about but who wins her over with his free spirit. Moll, who is hopelessly in love, goes to live with him and begins a new life. But her happiness is short-lived: Pascal is accused of having committed a series of brutal murders. Despite the hostility and the pressure of the locals, Moll stands by her man. But she will have to pay the consequences of this decision.

  • Reporter
    Angelo Acerbi
  • Guest
    Michael Pearce
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
  • Festival section
    Torino 35 - Competition
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