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Midi Z – Nina Wu #Cannes2019

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Midi Z’s first genre film attracts Quentin Tarantino’s attention at the 72nd Festival de Cannes.

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8 min. and 32 sec.

PODCAST| Chiara Nicoletti interviews Midi Z, director of the film Nina Wu.

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Midi Z’s first genre film, Nina Wu is the adaptation of actress Wu Ke-xi’s script which is a mix between a #Metoo manifesto and a thriller-horror story about an actress going mad. Screening at the 72nd Festival de Cannes in the Un Certain Regard section, the film has attracted Quentin Tarantino’s attention so that the director, in competition at the Festival with Once upon a time in….Hollywood, has attended the premiere screening of Nina Wu. Midi Z tells us about his first thoughts about the script, the difficulties he encountered in trying to finance a genre film and the collaboration with Wu Ke-xi.

Nina Wu: After eight years toiling in bit-parts, aspiring actress Nina Wu finally gets her big break with a leading role in a spy thriller set in the 1960s. The part is challenging, not least because it calls for full nudity and explicit sex scenes, and the film’s director is often hard on her. But both the industry and the press are confident that the results are sensationally good. On the brink of triumph, though, Nina’s psychological resolve begins to crack. She rushes back to her family home to deal with two crises: her father’s business has gone bankrupt and her mother has suffered a heart attack. She dreams of rekindling a close relationship with her childhood friend Kiki but is haunted by paranoid fantasies that a mysterious woman is stalking and attacking her. As Nina clings to memories of happier times, it seems that there is one crucial memory that she is repressing…

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  • Reporter
    Chiara Nicoletti
  • Guest
    Midi Z
  • Interviewee role
  • Film title
    Nina Wu
  • Festival section
    Un Certain Regard
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